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Getting Started

New to the community? Here are some great places to get started:

Community Survey

We want to be open about how we can improve transparency, provide the community with opportunities to interact with us, and be responsive to raised suggestions.

Contribute by filling out the Python Software Foundation Community Survey here.

Success Stories

My experience with the Python community has been awesome. I have met some fantastic people through local meetups and gotten great support.

Python Weekly

Python Weekly is a free weekly email newsletter featuring curated news, articles, new releases, jobs, and more. Curated by Rahul Chaudhary every Thursday.

Go to to sign up.


PySlackers is a community of Python enthusiasts centered around an open Slack team.

Go to for more information and to join.

Python Discord

Python Discord is a large community focused around the Python programming language.

Go to for more information and to join.

Internet Relay Chat

Freenode IRC hosts several channels. Select an IRC client, register your nickname with Freenode, and you can be off and running!

Freenode IRC General Channels

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