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Alternative Python Implementations

This site hosts the "traditional" implementation of Python (nicknamed CPython). A number of alternative implementations are available as well, namely

  • IronPython (Python running on .NET)
  • Jython (Python running on the Java Virtual Machine)
  • PyPy (A fast python implementation with a JIT compiler)
  • Stackless Python (Branch of CPython supporting microthreads)
  • MicroPython (Python running on micro controllers)

Other parties have re-packaged CPython. These re-packagings often include more libraries or are specialized for a particular application:

  • ActiveState ActivePython (commercial and community versions, including scientific computing modules)
  • pythonxy (Scientific-oriented Python Distribution based on Qt and Spyder)
  • winpython (WinPython is a portable scientific Python distribution for Windows)
  • Conceptive Python SDK (targets business, desktop and database applications)
  • Enthought Canopy (a commercial distribution for scientific computing)
  • PyIMSL Studio (a commercial distribution for numerical analysis – free for non-commercial use)
  • Anaconda Python (a full Python distribution for data management, analysis and visualization of large data sets)
  • eGenix PyRun (a portable Python runtime, complete with stdlib, frozen into a single 3.5MB - 13MB executable file)

If you want to host and run Python in the cloud, these implementations may be right for you:

  • PythonAnywhere (freemium hosted Python installation which lets you run Python in the browser, e.g. for tutorials, showcases, etc.)
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