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Newest success stories

Building an online pharmacy marketplace with Python

At Arateg, we use Python to help startups and SMEs build quality innovative solutions and improve time-to-market. Read more

Using Python for commercial cloud backup

Here is the kicker for us. We started 3-4 months ago completely new to Python and Vue, let alone some of the peripheries in support. We now have adoption of our platform in some very large Global Enterprises that uses Smartsheet. The future looks bright and we are super happy with our tech choices and the way it performs. Read more

Using Python to make unstable APIs reliable

Sales Spirit is the company behind several publisher websites, such as the largest telecom comparison website in the Netherlands. We wrote an API platform with Python that is capable of turning unreliable data sources into high quality content for our websites. Read more

Python for Collaborative Robots

At Rozum Robotics our mission is to create safe and easy to use collaborative robotic arms. We are striving to make robots that could be integrated into different workspaces and industries as quickly as possible. Read more

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